Install Phalcon on EasyApache4 Centos

Hi, I bought a new server yesterday. I try to install Phalcon I couldn't install it.

Server Options : centos6 64 latest cpanel (easyapache4)

How can I install Phalcon on Centos6 with EasyApache4 ?

PS : Server is empty. I can give a password if I want to install

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I couldn't install it.

whay exactly happens ? Are there some error messages, they are generaly usefull for solving your problems.

Did you read that thread:

and that one:

My personnal two cent: if you do not plan to host many websites with many different (sub)domain names, many users/domain name administrators, and many other services (mail, ftp, name server,and so on), where in that case cPanel can be usefull, start with a basic installation of any distribution you are used to (latest ubuntu 16.04 is a good choice because it is shipped with php7) and install just the package you need and configure service by hand: use the KISS approach

Hi, I saw those posts but i couldn't install it. I am Software developer, I am not System engineer and i dont never use linux.

I'm waiting for your help Thank you.

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server managment or in a wider point of view, infrastructure management, is a full time job as app developer is an another one. If you do not have the skills to manage a server by your own, maybe a "ready to use" solution would be better. In that case, search the forum with "phalcon hosting", I know that they are some providers that offers shared hosting with phalcon already in place.

Otherwise (<=> you want your own self managed server), you may start with a cloud vps instance like (0,007 $/h for 512Mb RAM and 20 Go ssd storage) or (these are the two services I know, I personnaly use ovh) offers to make your test and learn a bit more about server management and phalcon installation on a linux box

If your needs are only: hosting just one website accessible under one fqdn (with maybe a database server ) forget cpanel and learn how to configure apache (or nginx) virtual host. It is not so hard and they are a lot of good tutorials over the web for explaining how to do that

I saw those posts but i couldn't install it

we know that, but usually when problems are happening, they aren't spokeless: what kind of error messages do you get ? Can't you compile phalcon ? You can compile it, but phalcon php extension isn't loaded ? You have to give us more informations if you want more precise help from the community.

Edit: just see that post:

and with:

you will be ready to go (but maybe you will not learn what's happening under the hood)

feel free to ask more questions, but with usefull informtions okay ;-)