Devtools and Incubator versions

Given that Phalcon uses semantic versioning, I don't see the need to observe strictly the identity between versions of Phalcon and Incubator or Phalcon and Devtools.

We can use the dependence as the "ext-phalcon": "3.0" or "phalcon": "3.1" and it is not necessary to wait for the next Phalcon release, we can just release new versions.

What do you think?

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edited Dec '16

Can we make the DevTools support the current minor release minus one (or two) and onward? So if you upgraded Phalcon to a new 3 version then any existing Dev Tools project would continue to function (per semver) but if you wanted to use the very latest Dev Tools then you would need to keep somewhat up to date with your Phalcon extension.

So then with this idea say that someone installed DevTools and Phalcon at the same time, call it Phalcon 3.1.whatever and DevTools 3.1.whatever. Then they would be able to upgrade the minor version of Phalcon forever within the 3 series and the DevTools would continue to work. However, if they only upgraded the DevTools then they would need to use a Phalcon version made within the last ~6 months (depending on the Phalcon release cycle). So if they stayed on Phalcon 3.1, then the latest DevTools which could be used would be DevTools 3.3.

Definitely I don't think that the DevTools needs to maintain the same exact bugfix version (the last number) because that is supposed to be only fixing broken issues with a project and not introducing new features. So say that a contributor fixed several bugs in Dev Tools then I think that we should be able to release a new version right away (instead of waiting 1-2 months for a new Phalcon bugfix or minor version).

In addition, I think that the new documentation should be released roughly twice as often as it is now, especially when only staying on the same bugfix version. If someone put a lot of work into a translation then why do we need to wait two months for people to be able to see it? If Phalcon went from version 3.0.2 -> 3.0.3 and the documentation changes have absolutely nothing to do with those fixes, then why are the releases so strictly tied to each other?


So I see that at this moment DevTools is on 3.0.3 and Phalcon is on 3.0.2. So de facto this has already taken place and IMO is a good thing.

So I see that at this moment DevTools is on 3.0.3 and Phalcon is on 3.0.2.

See this

I had to urgently release a new version


Ok so then this is a good example of why DevTools needs this flexibility and it didn't seem to harm anyone.

So then I think that the question should be refined to "if we need to maintain the minor version number between Phalcon and DevTools". I think that there is value in that, but then there are various ways that it could be done and also there could be staggered releases to give DevTools some flexibility.


Can we release the documentation faster between minor Phalcon versions? Is the documentation tied to the release process? If not then I think that by decoupling the releases of the documentation and Phalcon extension that we could ease the burden of releasing new bugfix Phalcon versions. However, I think that for new minor releases that we should still synchronize the two of them together.