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How to store data obtained from db using find() method in multi-dimensional array.

I obtained some data from db using find() method... the data contains 2 rows named "controllers " and "actions" i want to pass this data in a 2-D array....i got stuck in the loop itself How to do it??? Please help!!!!

$check = AccessRole::find("role_id=1");
$count = count($check); // for my data....numbers rows obtained is 57
$resources = array(); // 2-d Array where i want to pass the data...

for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i++) {


@jaikumar002 Could you please explain a bit more.

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isn't toArray() what you are looking for ?

$resource = $check->toArray();

see method toArray()

Also, could do the trick


phalcon is really good ;-))