How to send an array as a parameter while using link_to for calling an controller/action in volt

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        {% set arr= {'one', 'two', 'three'} %}
        {{ link_to("employee/export/"~arr[], '<i class="icon-download-alt"></i> Export to excel', "class": "btn btn-default") }} 
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{{ link_to('employee/export/'~['my','array','values']|join('/')) }}

I just came to know another method....just serialize the data before sending and unserialize the data after receiving it in the controller.

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One more important consideration is the URI character length. Afaik, the defacto limit is 2048 characters, so if your serialized URI is longer than that, some browsers may throw a fit. There's detailed info about this here:

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so how can i send array which i set it in the controller ...can you explain me clearly about the attributes in your solution... {{ link_to('employee/export/'~['my','array','values']|join('/')) }}

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My example won't solve the length problem, but here's the break-down:

link_to("employee/export/") i suppose you know that this generates a link the EmployeeController::exportAction

link_to("employee/export/"~ the tilde character concatenates strings in volt templates

link_to("employee/export/"~["my","array","values"]|join("/")) the last bit is an arbitrary array followed by a volt filter called join, which concatenates the array values and glues them with the / character