Building our own db adaptater

Hello All,

I have to build a connector to Salesforce. I would like to use it as a Db adaptateur being able to create the model and to attribute a connexion toward it.

I tryed to figure out how to do it, but did not see how to start.

Can you give me some direction or documentation, example to help, pls.


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Hi there,

here you have the source code of Phalcon, including DB Adapter


Good luck!


Thanks a lot for you replies.

I go through and now I'm able to retreive results, from query, QueryBuilder->execute.

But I got to main errors that block the system.

1st : is about LIMIT, any time I define a limit, the query is not working and I got the following message : Model 'Contact' could not be loaded

0 [internal function]: Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Manager->load('Contact', true)

in details: If I do : $contacts = \Extranet\Models\Contact::query()->execute(); WORK ! If I do $contacts = \Extranet\Models\Contact::query()->limit(10,10)->execute(); //whatever limit I got : Model 'Contact' could not be loaded

On the same idea, if I run : $contacts = \Extranet\Models\Contact::query()->where('Id > 12)->execute(); the final query appear as : SELECT id, name... from contact where Id=12 ????

2nd main error : Is when I $contact = Contact::findFirst('Id=15'); I got : Model 'Contact' could not be loaded

Of course the Model Contact exist, as it work well without "limit".

Any Idea ?