Disable column map verification

Hello, Can i disable the verification that result in this message:

Column 'xxxxxx' isn't part of the column map

I have the attribute and declarated in my columnMap method, in my table on datadabe i have the column but yet i receive this message!

How i disable this verification?

Maybe can to be modelsMetadata, some kind of cache? And if true, how can i clear this cache?

Show your columnMap method, table schema and model properties and then we can figure something out. Also what metadata adapter you are using ?


extension = phalcon.so

; phalcon.db.escape_identifiers = On
; phalcon.db.force_casting = Off

; phalcon.orm.events = On
; phalcon.orm.virtual_foreign_keys = On
; phalcon.orm.column_renaming = On
; phalcon.orm.not_null_validations = On
; phalcon.orm.exception_on_failed_save = Off
; phalcon.orm.enable_literals = On
; phalcon.orm.late_state_binding = Off
; phalcon.orm.enable_implicit_joins = On
; phalcon.orm.cast_on_hydrate = Off
; phalcon.orm.ignore_unknown_columns = Off