Phalcon Monthly Funding Campaign

We are happy to announce that the Phalcon Monthly Funding Campaign.

Phalcon is a full stack PHP framework, delivered as a C-extension. Its innovative architecture makes Phalcon the fastest PHP framework ever built!

Phalcon is loosely coupled, thus you can choose which components you want to use, should you choose to. Some of the basic features are:

  • Low overhead; Low memory consumption and CPU compared to traditional frameworks
  • MVC & HMVC; Modules, components, models, views and controllers
  • Dependency Injection; Dependency Injection and Location of services and it’s itself a container for them.
  • Rest; In this case, you can use either a micro or full stack application to meet your goal. In addition, a powerful set of HTTP helpers.
  • Autoloader; Provides the autoloading mechanism of PHP classes following PSR-4.
  • Router; Phalcon\Mvc\Router provides advanced routing capabilities.

Additionally because Phalcon is loaded as a PHP extension on your web server, it offers the following benefits:

  • Zephir/C extensions are loaded together with PHP one time on the web server’s daemon start process
  • Classes and functions provided by the extension are ready to use for any application
  • The code is compiled and isn’t interpreted because it's already compiled to a specific platform and processor
  • Thanks to its low-level architecture and optimizations Phalcon provides the lowest overhead for MVC-based applications

Planned work:

  • Documentation enhancements
  • Bug fixes in Phalcon as well as Zephir
  • Support for PHP 7.1
  • Introduction of Middleware PSR-7

As many would know, working on an open source project rarely offers any rewards, other than the satisfaction that the project helps others with their work and projects. Often though, since this is not a source of income, time becomes a luxury to spend on the project and features or bugs take longer to be implemented/resolved.

Our goal, with your support of course, is to be able to hire a developer to work on the project full time. The focus would be first documentation, bug fixes and also new functionality.

For businesses that are using Phalcon for their application, it would make sense to sponsor Phalcon development since it will ensure that bugs are fixed quickly and efficiently and also new features are implemented much faster than before. Finally, it might also help you with exposure in the Phalcon community, making it easier to attract Phalcon developers.

Individual users are always welcome to make a recurring pledge, if Phalcon has helped you in your work or personal projects.

Thank you!


This is awesome, at my company MCTekK we depend heavily on phalcon so we will be adding fund starting january 1


First goal reach 250 donate ;) on to the next one