Arff what a galeria

Hello All,

I go through this integration of salesforce into phalcon project as db adapter. it was taff, but seems to work mainly.

I still go trough some error. Any time I try to use Bind system, I got "Scanner: Unknown opcode 58" error.

Very hard to figure out what this message is about.

Please help.


Hi Izo,

I use already this sentence : $contacts = Contact::find(['Email=:email: and ADRESSE2=:adresse:', 'bind' => ['email'=>'[email protected]', 'adresse'=>'[email protected]']]);

Got error....


can you try with

    "conditions" => "Email = ?0 AND ADRESSE2 = ?1",
    "bind" => [
        0 => "nom...",
        1 => "nom2..."

to see if there is any difference ?

Hi Izo,

Exactly the same. I suppose this is some how link to the adapter of de dialect, but I cannot trace where and how.

It is difficult to trace the steps, on query for exemple I return a result extended from ResultInterface but it is then Included in a Simple Resultset, but it not possibl to find where this is happeninsp. I Pehnd ours to find and not really able to change it.

I also face difficulties with find and findFirst, I had to add my own cloneResultMap in my model, as I extend my own model for sforce treatment.

I saw also this morning that there is some document collection, that could have been used but the code there is totally made for mongodb only.

I'm still stuck with this bindings, any time I add parameter as Model::Find, FindFirst... it crash somewhere.