Mocking Requests for unit tests

I am writing unit tests and most of them are working. However, I am having trouble with one thing, which I can't quite understand the difference.

In order to tests calls through the application's router/controller setup, I mock the \Phalcon\Http\Request object like so:

    public function testCreateSingle() {
        $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] = "logs";
        $_GET["_url"] = "/logs";

        $raw = '{"application": "Test Application","type":"CRITICAL","subject":"test","details":"my details"}';

        $mock = $this->getMock("\\Phalcon\\Http\\Request", array("getRawBody"));

        $this->di->set('request', $mock, true);

The problem I am having is, this only works when I do "$this->di->get('request')" in the controller instead of "$this->request".

Any suggestions?

Providing you're using Phalcon\DI\FactoryDefault the only thing that comes to my mind is that the controller should extend one of: - Phalcon\Mvc\Controller - Phalcon\DI\Injectable where at present it would only be implementing Phalcon\DI\InjectionAwareInterface (a guess)

If it already does, it might be bug worth checking on Github so someone else can confirm. By the look of your code it looks like you're writing integration/functional tests, not unit tests.

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I took a slightly different approach to do this.

I created a RequestMock:

use Phalcon\Http\Request;

class RequestMock extends Phalcon\Http\Request
     * @var string|null Holds the raw body to be used for tests
    static protected $raw_body = null;

     * Override the method to allow us to get a raw body, set for tests
     * @return string
    public function getRawBody()
        return self::$raw_body;

     * Sets the raw body to be used in tests
     * @param string $raw_body The raw body to be set and used for tests
    public function setRawBody($raw_body)
        self::$raw_body = $raw_body;

Then part of my bootstrap.php file, I added:

$di->set('request', new RequestMock());

Then in your test, you can do something like: