Zephir Ulogin

I'm considering porting ulogin (http://ulogin.sourceforge.net/) over to Zephir within the next six months. Currently Ulogin doesn't use namespaces but this is easy (if cumbersome) to add and I already did this for the 0.6 version. I think that Ulogin would be very good candidate for Zephir because it is called on every hit and it is somewhat mature in its API. Zephir looks pretty damn easy for me as I'm very familiar with PHP and I can code well in C functions but I just can't keep up with the dependencies and boilerplate.

I already released my code to a few parties the few weeks of work that I did back created a ulogin framework with pre-1.0 phalcon. I made numerous suggestions that were implemented and fixed in both phalcon and ulogin. For those who recognize my name from back then, I've been busy working with my existing foundation and I'm becoming increasing ready to migrate to phalcon and now also zephir. I'm going to continue developing features until Ubuntu 14.04 server and then sometime soon after upgrading I'll cement that code and then I'll begin the epic journey into a full Phalcon stack. I plan to release the skeleton authentication stack with controllers and views in the hopes that people will improve it. Then I'll be rearranging my special sauce code into it.

Anyways can someone knowledgeable explain to me if there are any limitation with porting some PHP code over to a Zephir module? I don't believe that Ulogin is using any annonymous functions. Will Zephir be able to interact with PDO? The dualsec two-factor authentication needs some HTTP access. Is that easy with Zephir?

Thanks. Any insight will be great.


Zephir has some differences with PHP, but you can use any PHP code as base and easily migrate it to Zephir. Zephir is also able to access any PHP library, extension or build-in functionality via the PHP userland or optimizers, this is transparent for the user.