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Problem installing webtools on mac OSX

After some troubles with the phalcon installation with php 7.1, this part is now done and seems to works Now I am working on the devtools installation. I am going to explain step by step what i have done:

As the documentation says: First, i created a folder Phalcon in my documents, from here with the terminal i execute this commande:

git clone git://

This creates me a phalcon-devtools directory with the content within then:

cd phalcon-devtools/ . ./

It tells me that the devtools are correctly installed and directly after: segmentation fault : 11

if i try the next commands

ln -s /phalcon-tools/phalcon.php /phalcon-tools/phalcon chmod +x ~/phalcon-tools/phalcon

or even


I always have segmentation fault:11

My expectation, regarding what i have seen on the web is because of the php.ini modifications (maybe) I tried also the installation using composer and same again segmentation fault

Any Idea


Phalcon Framework version: Phalcon 3 PHP Version: 7.1.0 Operating System: Mac OSX Sierra Server: Apache



maybe you got that error because phalcon doesn't support php 7.1 yet.

Phalcon doesn't support php 7.1 yet. Use php 7.0.

Yes you are right, after my post i saw somewhere else this information. But is it possible that my apache runs on the 7.1.0 version and accept the extension ?

I am going to try with the 7.0 version and see what happens Thank you


maybe you got that error because phalcon doesn't support php 7.1 yet.

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Yes it's possible but as you told - you have seg fault. Also you sure that apache is running same php?

Ok thank you all, this seems to work better but actually I have another problem with this command

ln -s ~/phalcon-devtools/phalcon.php /usr/bin/phalcon

the folder /usr/bin not allow this operation, so I tried to create the seamlink in the /usr/local/bin/phalcon and then the command


Works just fine, however i think only for my user, it means when i am in /Application/MAMP/htdocs/ProjectFolder/ and i execute the same command it doesnt work, how is it possible to add it to my path ? Thank you