Async request by event loop embeded

I would like to falcon way request http as does node js or the react php library with event loop written in zephir and internally integrated into phalcon. Serial great for scalability

Good thanks for your idea. If you want it some day to come near to true support us on patreon -

edited Jan '17

You basically wish for something which will never happen in reality. At first, if that would ever happen, it would be on main PHP / Zend engine line. Community was split on the matters of sync vs async nature of PHP7, so we ended up with proven but sync nature.

And you can already use V8 JS native engine in PHP (via extension), that's what I'm doing whenever we need JS on the back-end (rarely). For sure that's not event loop like nginx or nodejs are doing it (internal C++ thread pool), but at least something from that world.