Use a shared server to deploy Phalcon

Hello everyone!

I have recently met this Framework, and it has caught my attention. I'm about to start a web project for a client that already has a shared server (Cpanel). As I have understood, but I am not clear, it is necessary to load as a module phalcon having access as root on an Apache server. This is so?

The client that I am about to do the development wants to take advantage of the server that has contracted. It is viable to use this server, or another must be contracted.

Thank you for your attention, I am waiting for a response from you.

If the server provider can install phalcon extension then i don't see any problem. If not then it's not possible. Maybe phalcon is already there?

As Wojciech said, first check your phpinfo() for Phalcon. If not already installed contact your server provider. I had clients with cheap shared hostings which installed Phalcon without problems.