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Phalcon and PHP7

Hi, I have to do a project in php using phalcon framework, but i want to use the PHP7 version, and i have reading some pages in internet and they says that phalcon is not compatible with that version of PHP, can someone answer me if that is true or not, and other thing is, can i use a CPANEL with phalcon? Thanks.

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i't wasn't , but version 3.0 is with only PHP 7.0 and NOT 7.1, you can install it normally.

I use it in XAMPP , and in my LAMP Stack


Thanks, i just installed the 7.1

Phalcon doesn't work with 7.1, only with 7.0 atm.

mine PHP 7.0.9, i could't able to install phalcon ...could you please tell some instructions ?

Instructions are in repository. What problem you have?