Learning Phalcon (All or some functionalities)

I just started learning this cool framework from 2 days ago, I found that the documentation is good but it's very long. Knowing that I'm not a php expert (just a computer science student) but I practice a good php and I've never learned a framework before but I understand the Mvc and the coding idea of Phalcon.

*I will use this framework in my final study project (Making a CMS).

How much will it take to me to learn this framework ? And should I learn all the Phalcon functionalities to make my project, or just learning e.g the Mvc architechture and the Routing component and make the other tasks by my self ?

Thank you.

edited Mar '14

Hi, I think learning DB, Auth and MVC part should be enough for developing a minimal CMS system. But As an advanced PHP developer I suggest you to learn Phalcon completely. I've developed with Zend, Symfony, Codigniter, Laravel and ... before BUT I believe that Phalcon framework is the best.