What tools are the most optional to work with Phalcon?

I finished my thesis with an application in Oracle and Phalcon 2.03. I did it quickly to graduate honestly. I want to start a project of an administrative accounting system and I want to do it Well this project is proper and wanted to know which are the most recommended options.

Previously I used Oracle as my Database Manager, but because of the support I thought I'd switch to PostgresSql or Nosql, leave PHP5 and work on PHP7. I want to know things that I should take into account before programming?

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congrats for your thesis graduation.

Phalcon doesn't support php 7.1 yet.

And because your question is to undefined, I just can recommand as a first step to keep it kiss'ed

Some questions you have to respond for a better help:

  • for an accounting system, user have to be registred, but how ? (through github, facebook, google +, or just simple login + pwd, ...)
  • administrative of what ? (a part of your) file system, server processes and configuration files or is it just a web app ? .....
  • ...
  • ...

Firsty to work on PHP7 you would need to update to phalcon 3. Devtools is very nice and helps in many places, also im using composer update scripts, so on deploy i just have git pull, composer update and application is pretty much updated.