Imitation of single-page app

Has anyone tried to port this awesome thing to phalcon or maybe phalcon already has something like this built-in and I'm just not aware of that?



this look like a client side library or not ?


Yes, this is only frontend app.

No server-side cooperation necessary. Respond with full HTML pages, not partial page fragments or JSON.

It's nothing else like manipulating frontend view by caching some parts of DOM for do some nice animation. For Phalcon this app does not have any problems, you have to return clasic DOM (eventually with their tags like data-turbolinks-action="replace").

is there any example of it with phalcon?

I also would like to see an example of this with phalcon? I'm just beginning to study all this and so I would like to see real examples. Also, I would like to ask you whether you have ever heard of such services as buy install android or ASO optimization. Many of the mobile app developers use these services. I would like to know more about this.