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Configure VS2015 Environment with Phalcon


I am new with Phalcon and I wanted to know how to configure Visual Studio 2015 with Phalcon.

I have Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and PHP Tools for Visual Studio.

Can anybody redirect me to a tutorial on how to configure my development environment and also a better tutorial to start with Phalcon that the official tutorial that is ^^

Thank you in advance ! :D

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Well only thing you need to do is just add phalcon stubs, like php includes or something like this, nothing more to do really.

Im not using VS2015 so cant tell really what are exactly steps.

If you're into M$ IDE's, perhaps it's much more convinient to go with the Visual Studio Code

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@Wojciech Ślawski : Thank you

@Jonathan Aaron Steel : No, I don't want to use Visual studio code that's not my question here !