Phalcon segfaults

Hey all,

Does anyone experience segfaults in Phalcon 3.x?

I'm encountering them in two cases:

  1. When debugging certain code blocks in PHPEd;
  2. When doing AJAX requests and using vsprintf() inside a closure while updating variable by reference (kind of crazy scenario, I know).

Anyone else?


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i have seen

$koko = $this->func1($this->getWhatver());

that was a seg fault, to fix it i change it

$a = $this->getWharver()
$koko = $this->finc1($a);

but i toughts its php... if you could create a scenario that segs 100% of the time cuz i dont remmeber where was mine, we have to build debug and see where the seg comes from, cuz if its phalcon, thats bad. nad needs to be fixed instantly


if you could try with latest zephir, cuz they are tons of changes applied these days ( they are mostly for 7.1 but still )

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I have some xdebug when compiling phalcon an there is some parser error, but didn't notice other, well there is some other seg fault but it's not phalcon related really, it's happening when getting contet from file while saving to it at the same time(view with always compile and many refereshes) but this can be reproduced on plain php as well.



Have you ever had a case when xdebug & IDE would crash if you place a breakpoint in certain areas of code?

My PHPEd (which is using dbg for debugging) is persistently crashing running over some innocuous looking lines of code. I could contact PHPEd developers, but I am pretty sure first thing they'll do is blame Phalcon. This is why I'm curious if xdebug ever crashes in the middle of debugging.

I didn't have. Xdebug works for me brillianty on phalcon 3/3.1 and phpstorm with php 7.