Linux 64, PHP, Phalcon install error

When running "sudo ./install" on Phalcon I am getting an error stating:

unknown type name "zend_object_value"

I get this error repeatedly.

I know this isn't much to go on but I'm having trouble with copy/paste...and I am hoping this is enough info to get me going in the right direction...

Any thoughts?


by the way, there are underscores between the words "zend object value" but this forum stripped them out for some reason...

Did you install php-dev package?

I have php70-devel.x86_64 installed. Is that the same?

Sorry, make that php70w-devel.x86_64

edited Mar '17

You are on centos? Then i can't help, don't know it. Why can't you install it from pacakgecloud?

I'm on Linux 64. But thanks for trying.



maybe this can help: (more or less, first build zephir, then phalcon)

g ?Also, more information about your environment could be helpfull (especially linux distrib flavour) ...I've seen a lot of forum posts and github issues about CentOs is that the one you are using ?

I'm on Fedora. I think I found part of the problem. My Zephir install is not correct becuase I do not have re2c installed. Will install it and get back to you all.