dump in volt

Hi brothers!!! Before {{dump(anyvar)}}, it was beautiful, and now it shows everything in one line. What happened? How can I reverse the output of a dump?

You can replace built-in function dump:

$compiler->addFunction("dump", "print_r");



i usually debug mine with


echo "<pre>"; var_dump($var); exit; ?>

in the middle of my volt code


@syurmol : really ? I will give it a try right now !!!


well, nothing special for me, it looks like usual ...


What version of Phalcon are you using @syrmol


The version worked well for 3.0.0 in my home book But installed on server 3.1.1. it began to write all in one line Strange ...


can you post a screenshot

also this can be done by html itself if you wrap the dump in div with overflow Y potentionally it should look ugly :D

xdebug is responsible for coloured dumps, make sure you have it installed and enabled. https://xdebug.org/docs/display