Namespace in query PhpStorm

PhpStorm give error <join>, <reference> or '{' expected, got '\' with this query:

$phql = "SELECT Sites.*, Users.*, Operators.*, OperatorRights.* FROM \Core\Model\Sites as Sites
LEFT JOIN \Core\Model\Users as Users ON Sites.user_id =
LEFT JOIN \Core\Model\OperatorRights as OperatorRights ON = OperatorRights.site_id
LEFT JOIN \Core\Model\Operators as Operators ON OperatorRights.operator_id =
WHERE Sites.uid = :widget_id:";

How to fix this?

/phalcon-tools/ide/stubs/Phalcon already installed Thanks.

You can't, just ignore it.

Or, you could implement the PHQL dialect for PhpStorm. It would be much appreciated! :]