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FlashDirect Not working


I try to use flash messages and it doesn't work.

In services I have this:

// Register the flash service with custom CSS classes $di->set('flash', function () {

$flash = new FlashDirect(
        'error'   => 'alert alert-danger',
        'success' => 'alert alert-success',
        'notice'  => 'alert alert-info',
        'warning' => 'alert alert-warning'

return $flash;


and in controller I have this:

$this->flash->error("Please enter a User with more than 4 characters");

and in view I have this:

<?php echo $this->flash->output(); ?>

It's something wrong here? I am new with Phalcon.



Ah, I find the solution:

For FlashDirect you will need to use on View: echo $this->getContent(); For SessionFlash: $this->flashSession->output();