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Hi everyone, in the latest version of invo's example how can i add a new connection to database?

Thx Francesco


you want to add a 2nd connection, or you want to update the existing one ?

if you need a second connecting, specify the case so the example can be more meaningfull

Hi Izo, thank you for reply!

I want to add a 2nd connection in services.php file and use it in the model (initialize) with setConnectionService. In this version the registration services has done via "class Services extends \Base\Services". I have seen more example with the FactoryDefault DI to set 2nd connection but i don't know how to set with class services.

Thx in advance F.


so you create a new function here

 protected function initSharedMyDb2(../*check those i am not sure what u will get here*/)
    return new connection ... 

MyModel  {
    public function initialize()