Phalcon is looking to create an official skeleton

As per a PM I got on slack from Serghei Iakovlev, We're looking to create at least one official skeleton for Phalcon.
Laravel has a Skeleton, Symfony has a Skeleton, Zend Framework has a Skeleton, Yii has a Skeleton, etc.
Now it's Phalcon's turn. Post your contributations, suggestions, and discussion here and we can work together as a team on this.

If one no is up to it, I could take it if given a month for delivery. Won't be able to start on it for another two weeks.

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I don't think i's a good idea, Phalcon is pretty versatile and creating a single de-facto skeleton would incite people to blindly follow it.

Imho, the demo skeletons are more than adequate...

But let's suppose we are going to create one:

  • what type (micro/simple/modules)?
  • what functonalities (auth/3rd party api/db connection/etc)?
  • what front-end libraries are we using?

I would, however, be more than happy to help create a real-time,, full-stack app that utilizes VueJS 2. In my experience, people don't really understand that Phalcon is back-end only.



I agree with Lajos. Developper Tools are already here for that.

But, raher than a new skeleton, and because phalcon is as Lajos says, really versatile, a demo app based on a "simple" skeleton from phalcon developer tools wich will implement many of phalcon's features could be helpfull for beginners.

Must have:

  • db access, could be on sqlite that is shipped by default with php
  • a couple of models (saying User and Post) and CRUD actions
  • login form + authentication + ACL
  • CSRF
  • make the use of asset manager
  • make the use of event manager
  • multilingual messages
  • have an "AjaxController" that will send json response

We all know Phalcon is too cool to have a de-facto skeleton but think for a moment, if you are going to write code for an actual paid project, chances are, you don't want to spend that much time implementing auth, permissions management, and general structure.

I don't know if Phalcon is back-end only, but I use it as an MVC framework and don't doubt there are many folks doing the same.

If you start something like this, share the repo with me vía a message, I will gladly help you with such task.

My questions is which one of these would be a starting point vs phalcon tools create-project command?

Is there an explanation of why the create-project command builds what it builds? is that the "base" ?