[Installerror ] init cmd phalcon lost

Hi, this is first post, I try phalcon for first time, but have problem to install it.

first of all i use laragon on window for my environ apache 2.4.25 , php 7.1.1 and composer. I read doc of phalcon, install dll on php extention , run that command to install phalcon dev tool : "composer create-project phalcon/devtools:~3.1 projectTest --prefer-dist" after a run console in directory to try to launch cmd "phalcon" but this command return error : "Notice: Constant COMPATIBLE_VERSION5 already defined in C:\laragon\www\ttt\testp \bootstrap\autoload.php on line 106"

many hour i find how to resolve this problem, i need to test phalcon, please somebody can help me. thank!!



first of all: welcome

first of all bis: are you sure that phalcon extension is already installed and configured correctly ?


"composer create-project phalcon/devtools:~3.1 projectTest --prefer-dist"

where did you find that command ???

hi, thank for tour reply, i think that correctly install extension, i read doc and this link to see how to install php extension ton laragon https://forum.laragon.org/topic/40/help-with-installing-phalcon/3 i try this script test, i have this response :

Web framework delivered as a C-extension for PHP phalcon => enabled Author => Phalcon Team and contributors Version => 3.1.2 Build Date => Apr 5 2017 15:09:29 Powered by Zephir => Version 0.9.7-1fae5e50ac

Directive => Local Value => Master Value phalcon.db.escape_identifiers => On => On phalcon.db.force_casting => Off => Off phalcon.orm.cast_on_hydrate => Off => Off phalcon.orm.column_renaming => On => On phalcon.orm.enable_implicit_joins => On => On phalcon.orm.enable_literals => On => On phalcon.orm.events => On => On phalcon.orm.exception_on_failed_save => Off => Off phalcon.orm.ignore_unknown_columns => Off => Off phalcon.orm.late_state_binding => Off => Off phalcon.orm.not_null_validations => On => On phalcon.orm.virtual_foreign_keys => On => On

for command composer, i add path "composer" to my variable enviroment in windows this command work fine , to get a phalcon dev tool.

ps: excuse me for me english, french is my first langage.

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seems like phalcon php extension is already loaded.

Then, you should be able to follow tutorials here: https://docs.phalconphp.com/en/latest/reference/tutorial.html

If you want to scaffold some starter app or some usefull piece of code, install phalcon devtools: https://github.com/phalcon/phalcon-devtools