Help us translate new docs!

We are creating new docs for phalcon from scratch(with some texts from current one and new examples and use cases) and in markdown syntax. You can find it at Once it will be finished in english we will change current one to this one. But you can help us translate it into your language. For this project we decided to switch to very nice platform - crowdin which helps with translation a lot.

Join us here - if we are missing your language you can report it here or write to niden on slack or discord.

Any changes must be approved after translation to keep good docs, if you would like to became proofreader at certain language and accept people/yours suggestions then contact any project manager.

NOTE: The repo above refers to a fork from the current docs (niden/docs). We need to make sure that everything is ready before we merge to the project repo (phalcon/docs). Any PRs should be directed to the niden/docs until we are done with the refactoring.

Could you add Hungarian to the list?


just a note, your link to github includes a period at the end so it breaks.

Add Bulgarian, me and Izo can help :)

edited May '17

i am missing german... wasn't it part of the old documentation? I may remember that...anyway, i (and definately many more) can help translate into german

Missing german too


Could do with Dutch

edited Jun '17


Can you add brazilian portuguese, please?

Thank you!


Can you add also serbian?


Can you add Chinese, please?

Thank you !Thank you !Thank you !Thank you !Thank you !Thank you !Thank you !Thank you !Thank you !Thank you !


Add chinese please.

Hi! Please add romanian and will be translated soon.

Can you add Japanese, please.

edited Jul '17

Can you guys add Brazilian Portuguese? I can translate to it.

I just translated some docs, when I review the other docs, I see to much "bing translate" in the translated document, it's basically no readability.

on one mange it?


Is this project still running? I also private contacted via Crowdin to get the dutch language added. But no response at all

I can help you to translate to Vietnamese

I'll join Vietnamese

edited Jul '17

plz add persian ill work on it.

I can help you to translate to Chinese


I can translate to Portuguese ( Portugal )

I wanna join Korean

Brasilian Portuguese is diferent of Portuguese (Portugal). I can help to translate to Brasilian Portuguese, but haven't this language in options.