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Hi, i am with a problems to run migrations with a 3.1.2 version of the phalcon and devtools, the current version of devtools doesn't recognize type Enum of the Mysql Server. the others problems is the migration are executing alter table in columns that don't have difference and this are creating throw exceptions inside of devtools. The other problem is the create table created by devtools with invalid sintax. The team of Phalcon have a prevision of the next version of devtools? Or Anybody know another tools to make migrations that be trusted?

My Zephir (0.97)

My errors:

CREATE TABLE `bmq`.`crmMeta` (  `id` INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,  `nome` VARCHAR(45),  `descricao` TEXT,  `valor` DOUBLE(10) NOT NULL,  `tipo` INT(11) NOT NULL,  `data_inicio` DATETIME,  `data_fim` DATETIME,  PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=5 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_general_ciERROR: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') NOT NULL,
    `tipo` INT(11) NOT NULL,
    `data_inicio` DATETIME,
    `data_fim` DATET' at line 5

In this case the devtools are applying alter table in the column that don't have modifications, dont have difference.

1495054638.3138: ALTER TABLE `temp_importacao_di` MODIFY `datadi` DATE NOT NULL AFTER `numerodi`ERROR: SQLSTATE[22004]: Null value not allowed: 1138 Invalid use of NULL value
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Im not sure, maybe you need to add some default value and generate again migration and delete old one?

Ok, but the others problems like a invalid sintax on create table, I was look for the source code of the dev tools and the part where it retrieve the column type and really apply the SQL not in the dev tools but in Phalcon ou Zephir, i am correct? Can i fixe this problem in what project?

Im not sure, maybe you need to add some default value and generate again migration and delete old one?

Yea, type of columns is figured out in phalcon(zephir code).

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I use my own dev tool and just added support for type enum and set for mysql in the scrud and migration engine :
Sorry my migration engine is not finish yet, let me know if that work well.



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No these links are for scrud with forms etc. The Rest API are another routes and can only be call by an xmlhttrequest from the application (used in scrud).
For this to work you need to add the api and scrud lib in the config file.


I did too workarounds in my devtools for solving my problem, i sent too for the github phalcon messages with steps to reproduce the many errors that have. I hope in the next version of Zephir and phalcon the corrections of these problems