Oracle Database

Hallo, I'm new with Phalcon. We want to start a new bigger project with Phalcon (reimplement a very old legacy application). But I need the Oracle Database. Is it possible to use Phalcon and Oracle without PDO?

It is enough to overwrite the Interfaces: AdapterInterface, ColumnInterface, IndexInterface, RefrenceInterface, DialectInterface, ResultInterface?

I want to use OCI8-Modul directly without PDO_OCI

Is this possible? Can give anyone some tipps how I can start to implment this?


I'm pretty positive that there is no support for oracle without PDO, even with PDO it's pretty scarce:

That issue is mainly about Phalcon 3, if you are using Phalcon 2 you can still use the Oracle adapter.

As for implementing your own DB adapter, this might prove useful: