Forum Updates - Feature Requests, Etc...

I apologize to any of the phalcon team if I'm overstepping my bounds. But I thought It would be beneficial to start an official discussion on improving the phalconphp forum. I've started on a long-term project in phalconphp and consequently am invested in the success of the framework -- part of which hinges on community participation. First, I'd like to ask why use a custom built forum in the first place? Adding all the functionality to phosphorum that already exists in phpbb, vbulletin, etc.. would be quite the undertaking. That being said, if the PPHP team wants to stick with phosphorum, I think It would be beneficial to have a discussion here on what features we would like to see implemented in phosphorum. Then we can move to [NFR]s. I've seen a couple of posts with unproductive jabs at the simplicity of the current forum. Please limit comments here to constructive ones only! I'll start:

  • Moderators (maybe exists already, i dont know)
  • Subforums and Topics (better categorized and split like traditional forums)
  • Stickies (posts that stay at the top of their forum/subforum)
  • Private Messages
  • More WYSIWYG in discussion form. (bold, italics, lists, etc...)


Tagging random people to include: @phalcon @niden @WooDzu @sjinks


As we have mentioned before, we are always open to accept changes and improvements in the forum but at this moment we don't have time and/or resources to spend on it. Anyone that want to propose or implement these changes or new ones the code is available here:


For sure. The PPHP team shouldn't take focus away form the framework itself. I see how busy you guys are on github. I was just curious what the thoughts were for not using a prebuilt forum?

In regard to phosphorum, I'm sure the community could contribute. I was just fishing for the communities thoughts on the matter. I will check out the phosphorum repo this weekend.