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What happened to the docs?

The docs currently look really messed up. I know theres some project ongoing for the translation but why is this half released stuff online on the main site?

Is this also going to be the new structure for the docs? To me it feels much less clear.

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The old version of the docs can be found at
The current (new) docs is an on-going project, which contains more up-to-date information, and also switches over to MD (markdown) format -- which makes a lot more sense for a documentation. We're working on separating the "docs" repo and creating a "docs-app" repo (which serves the docs) to take that weight away from the "docs" repo so it's easier for crowdin. We're open to specific suggestions, if you see anything in the old documentation we should strive for. Find us in discord:

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Ok clear and thanks for the link to the old docs.

I want to help on the Dutch translation and am waiting for the Dutch language to be added.