Phalcon install problem on Mint

Hey. I was install new mint on my pc and after configure LAMP i have problem with install phalcon extension.

curl -s "" | sudo bash
Detected operating system as LinuxMint/sonya.
Checking for curl...
Detected curl...
Running apt-get update... done.
Installing apt-transport-https... done.
Installing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/phalcon_stable.list...curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

Unable to download repo config from:

This usually happens if your operating system is not supported by, or this script's OS detection failed.

You can override the OS detection by setting os= and dist= prior to running this script.
You can find a list of supported OSes and distributions on our website:

For example, to force Ubuntu Trusty: os=ubuntu dist=trusty ./

If you are running a supported OS, please email [email protected] and report this.

edited Jul '17

I am using Linux Mint 18.2 with PHP 7. I added the following repository and did a normat install with no problems.

deb xenial main

PHP 7.0.18. Phalcon 3.2.1.