Performance issue on log generation for REST API

I am building REST API using Phalcon Micro and i am storing log data in AWS DynamoDB. In my controller I have written code for storing log just before returning response to client.

            function mycontroller(){

                do this
                do that

                return $result;

I have observed that response time has increased due to storing of log data. How could i increase the performance of the API and also store log data at same time.

I am working on optimizing the queries, have included Redis caching but i need suggestions on storing log data.

Any help is very much appreciated.

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I do not knw AWS DynamoDB. Some databases have options for switching off indexes and other tricks to make the actual write faster. Does DynamoDB have a performance page?

The next problem might be a memory limit. The db was running with everything just under the limit of some setting. Your extra data pushed something out of a cache. That will show up in db specific measurements. Is there a DynamoDB option for showing memory usage by cache/table/whatever DynamoDB uses?

Including Redis caching could use enough memory to push something else out. A before/after measurement of the system might show the point where something slows down.

Well that only confirms performance hit we all get with databases (both SQL and NoSQL).

Tip: instead of watiing DB to finish it's tasks or trying to optimize writes, you could run it in a background with Message broker service.


That way, your API will return response faster, while your audit data will be saved transparently via background process.

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Thanks for the reply Peter.

My application uses Mysql as Database and DynamoDb for storing API log data. In MySql proper indexes are in place.

Right now i am only using write operation for DynamoDB. Later on i will perform read operation but now its only write. Also Redis is being used as seperate service from AWS.

I am trying to find out what the best practises for writing API log data.

I am trying to find out what the best practises for writing API log data.

Best practise (i.e. production) for API's audit logs is to have them on a separate instance / elsewhere and not in your application that serves API.

It could be also done on lower level - web server level, before request even hits your app / API.

But to simplify things - Message broker service running on a same instance (but dispatches data to another server) seems best to me.