Phalcon and VueJS

How to use Phalcon and VueJs? I must use Micro of MVC arch for app? if use micro, I not understand where to load JS for frontend, and if I use full mvc there troubles when i split js-code. Example would be wonderful

Vue is frontend, Phalcon is backend, two diffrent things. Just make Vue app, and then Phalcon handle all api and database stuff and that's it.

Of course you can have vue app in phalcon app as well and just render volt view with assets to your js scripts etc no problem there. Same with micro, just add view/assets services and do whatever you want.

I'm working on a Phalcon+VueJS stack project right now, our approach was to build a SPA in VueJS which is served via Phalcon backend through WebSocket (WAMP requests. There is no ready solution, you'll have to implement it on your own.

I would use webpack for getting vuejs running. There is a lot of tutorials about this combination and in my experience you should develope SPAs seperate from your backend. Since Webpack has a configurable development server built in you can start out with less dependencies. Wojciech Ślawski said these are two very different parts of your applicaiton.

I would reccomend building this initially with a simple template. You are not required to use micro, which is for API layers primarily. In a modern app you probably will not have one Single Page Application(SPA) you will have pages which serve front end assets like VueJS and some that rely on traditional PHP. A Simple MVC project will serve these needs best.