Compiler breaking error in getting started guide.

Specifically this line

export CFLAGS="-O2 --fvisibility=hidden"


The -- dash on the fvisibility will break a compile. No such option. Should be

export CFLAGS="-O2 -fvisibility=hidden"

Only noticed it because it wasn't something I needed to learn so I was copy pasting. Someone who might know PHP but has no clue how to write or compile C will hit this and it will be a game breaker. Fortunately I know C intimately and am learning php and php frameworks. So I immediately noticed the issue.

I realize with 100% open source there's PROBABLY some way for me to edit this myself. However. I am new here as of today so please don't flame me for just reporting it for someone else to handle this time.

Which OS?

On GNU/Linux this is all you need:

cd cphalcon/build


I have opened this issue with the project and will be reviewing it later this week to make any corrections.

CentOS 7.4 - Minimal Install. Does NOT install with the commands the person posted as all that is needed. It must have the exported flags or the compile will fail.