Phalcon 3.0 with php 5.6 and Mssql 2012

Hallo, I'm new with Phalcon. We want to start a new bigger project with Phalcon . But I need the Microsoft sql server 2012 Database. Can i use Microsoft sql server 2012 Database in my project? my project with PHP5.6 and Phalcon 3.0. I readed some tipps and i was config for connect data base success. But i received error "Table 'KCBOnline'.'persion' doesn't exist in database when dumping meta-data for WebFly\Models\Persion". I'm sure table exist in database.


  1. Use PHP 7.x on GNU/Linux, even if your MSSQL server is on Windows (normally)
  2. You can use MSSQL via PDO_DBLIB PHP driver using FreeTDS, but ATM there's no native Phalcon adapter/dialect for MSSQL
  3. You can write your own Phalcon Adapter/Dialect if you want to use models.

Microsoft release there official driver for php here:

To use it with PDO you can use SQLSRV, I dont know if phalcon supports this, but i think they do since they load the drivers from PHP's core.