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Filter data from table based on user login

I am very new to phalcon and OOP programming in general. I am trying build a simple application using the vokuro example as a starting point. I only need to add a few tables. I need to limit output of a dataset to just the user that is logged in.

Table I: have added a "contract" table (that has many contracts from many users)

  • id
  • usersid
  • description

I want to link it to the id in the users table already built into the vokuro example.

Table II: "workorder" table linked to "id" in"contract" table via contract id (1 contract will have many work orders)

  • id
  • contractid
  • contractor name

How do I limit the response for a user so they can only "workorder" entries that belongs thier user and not other users in that "workorder" table. I have tried making the relationships in the model but have not had any luck limiting the outputbased on user. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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This would be my approach.

Store the USER ID in a session on login.

$this->session->set('auth-identity', [
    'id' => $user->id,

Create an action where you get the results based on the USER ID

     * The start action, it shows the "index" view
    public function indexAction()
        $timeregistration = TimeRegistration::findByUserId($this->session->get('auth-identity')['id']); 

        $this->view->timeregistration = $timeregistration;

Make a relation between the tables

// Model user
  $this->belongsTo('user_id', __NAMESPACE__ . '\User', 'id', [
      'alias' => 'User'

  // Model TimeRegistration
  $this->hasMany('id', __NAMESPACE__ . '\TimeRegistration', 'user_id', [
      'alias' => 'TimeRegistration',
       'foreignKey' => [
           'message' => 'Cannot delete user because of related registered time'

I hope this will give you a general idea. However it might not be the best approach since I just nearly finished my first Phalcon application aswell. Ofcourse replace TimeRegistration for workorder


ill give it a try this mornig and see what i can come up with.


ill give it a try this mornig and see what i can come up with.

It worked for you?