Multiple table but using 1 models

i have tables name transactions_daily.

everyday, this table will backup automatically and creating a table called transactions_daily_xx_xx_xx.

can i have this table accessed without creating models everyday just to access this table. or are there any solutions to read many of the same kind table with just 1 models ?

edited Aug '17
     * Returns table name mapped in the model.
     * @return string
    public function getSource()
        return 'your_table_name_here';

So you need to supply table name on your model, e.g. via setSource() method. Then just change return of getSource() accordingly.

    private $_source;

    function setSource(string $tbl = null)
        $this->_source = $tbl;
        return true;

    function getSource()
        return $this->_source;

    $model = new MyModelInstance();