My first Phalcon application

So I just finished my first application build on Phalcon:

Few things I will implement next are:

ACL, Translations, Export PDF/CSV, and Dashboard Analytics (thought this might be easier when i got some real data instead of fake).

Any thoughts, tips appreciated!

so what do you need ?

Browsed few files, looking very good :)


I just wanted to show it and ask if I'm heading in the right direction.

so what do you need ?

Ok sry I was thinking you were need some help on your next steps.
Your app seems to be nicely done , good job!
If you want some application example of ACL and translation you can check my lib :


Great application which can be used as a base. If you implement ACL, Export PDF/CSV etc then it will be even better. Finally found a good sample application integrating AdminLTE with Phalcon and using datatables. Thanks for sharing. Really appreciate that very much.