Problem with link_to in the tutorial


i do the tutorial and i have a mistake with link_to.

the function returns a 404 page.

i have the same code that the tutorial.

the only different thing it's the link in the linkbar.

in the tutoriel it's localhost/tutorial,

and for me it's http://localhost:8080/Tutoriel/public/index.php?DBGSESSID=-1.

So i think that the problem is here but i don't know how fix it.

PS : link to tutoriel

PS2 : sorry for my bad english.

Hi @MathieuRe Tag::linkTo() is just an helper to create links. You can check tag documentation

Good luck


the problem is not Tag::linkTo().

it's only an <a> balise, but the link doesn't work.

i think it's a config problem but where i don't know !

i follow the tutorial, i have the same code, the same files but it's doesn't work.

Can you share the error and code?