I can't link to the new added site that is under the same IP with other sites.

Hello guys, I want to put a demo site in /var/www with other sites that were developed using Phalcon framework by another developer.

Those Phalcon sites can be linked through only IP address eg.192.168.x.xx. But when I put my demo site with these Phalcon sites, and tried to link to my demo site by typing '192.168.x.xx/demo/', the page showed 'DemoController handler class cannot be loaded'.

The demo site is just a 'Hello world' site from phalcon tutorial. I know the basic operation of phalcon structure, but cannot figure how this work. If you need any codes or further information to see where the issue is , just ask me and I will provide it.

The server is under Linux.


Can you post your config.php code? I have multiple sites on the same localhost running in a directory each aswell. Maybe I can help