Mongo DB with 25M Records


I have a requirement to load 25M records in a single collection and I did that. When I access through my REST / Phalcon API Call, the server getting shutdown and it through the following error message from the cursor.

"Failed to connect to: localhost:27017: Remote server has closed the connection 500 Internal Server Error - MongoConnectionException"

Can you please suggest me, how to do I access large sets ? How do I split the database if incase.

Thanks, Raja K

25M is a large set, if you try to read all of the rows intoa json response, your server will run out of memory. Create a pagination logic and only serve a few hundred records per request.

DB partitioning is also useful, but I dont know if mongo supports it

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Not familiar with MongoDB but I found a very useful and accurate article called SSIS MongoDB Integration Where all points are described clearly in deep manner.

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That's really not going to work. 25 million of something seems like a batch processing you want to have, and not live API response.

Client -> API -> MongoDB on that pipeline all three must be able to process that many data.

If you really need to do that - use some form of buffering. So pipeline will process only chunks of data and dispatch it directly to the client (persistent connection).