WHERE clauses SQL statements are not working

\Recently we have migrated to new server and from that onwards SQL WHERE statements are not executng. Below are the configurations of old and new server. Old Server : Apache Server 2.2 Phalcon 3.2.2 PHP 5.6 , 7.0

New Server : Apache Server 2.4 (Easy Apache 4) Phalcon 3.2.2 PHP 5.6 , 7.0

Working in old server.. New server throwing "Internal Server Error"

Check follwing URL's for PHP Info config

Working Server PHP Info - http://supersuddi.com/index/info

Error Server PHP Info - http://flickago.com/info.php

Internal Server Error in 99% cases are beacause of apache configuration.

Easy Apache.... OMG. That's always causing some odd issues with PHP extensions. Simply compile from source if you have shell access - or use official packages at least.