I'm from Russia, do not speak English. Кто может помочь?

Всем привет. Такая задача. Есть контролле ProductcategoriseController, как сделать, чтобы в урл была такая конструкция http://exemple.com/product-categories/ ? Чтобы http://exemple.com/productcategories/ - не работало, http://exemple.com/product-categories/edit/ - работало, http://exemple.com/productcategories/edit/ - не работало

Google translate :) Hello. Such a task. Is there a Controller ProductcategoriseController, how do I make this structure http://exemple.com/product-categories/ in the URL? To http://exemple.com/productcategories/ - not work, http://exemple.com/product-categories/edit/ - worked, http://exemple.com/productcategories/edit/ - did not work

Hi @kolian Controller names are camelized, this means that characters (-) and (_) are removed and the next character is uppercased. For instance, some_controller is converted to SomeController. routing docs

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