VOLT - Minified Page Causing Error with Javascript comments

How do you stop Volt files from minifying the html output?

If I do any inline <scripts> with //comments the JS is wrapping and breaking due to the comment

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As pointed out in another thread.. The "create-project" in Dev Tools adds the line in index.php

echo str_replace(["\n","\r","\t"], '', $application->handle()->getContent());

Should be removed ... lost an hour dealing with that crap.

Hi @Trent here we have a nice html minify result it is not perfect but is very good

Good luck

Nice tweak Degiovanni.

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If you need to minimize html on the fly then use pagespeed module. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module/

With this minifying will be done only once, and then stored in cache. And you won't need to do anything except and install and configure, no code etc. Also it does a hell more.