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Phalcon have error with 2 concurrent connection request

I sent 2 HTTP request to my website at same time in 1s (2 concurrent connection). But it make a error "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: Phalcon\Di::$_default in E:\Project\web\Phalcon\Cross-Domain\domain1\public\index.php:15"

How can I perform 2 concurrent connection?

Hi Wojciech Ślawski , I also have same problem and access your link in your comment. But I still not understand and got the aswer

My code is simple :

class IndexController extends ControllerBase { public function indexAction() { $str=""; for($i=0;$i<500000;$i++) $str .= $i; echo $str;
exit; } }

Then I use JMetter and send about 5 request/ second : But there are 3 requests successfully and 2 requests have error above "r "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: Phalcon\Di::$_default" . Maybe Phalon is not good as phalcon document