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Using $app and its dependencies inside a Micro Controller

I am using Micro framework and in order to have a better organization I am using Controllers:

$app['db'] = function () {
    return new MysqlAdapter(
            'host'     => 'localhost',
            'username' => 'root',
            'password' => '123',
            'dbname'   => 'blog',

/* Main controller routes */
$mainController = new MicroCollection();
$mainController->setHandler(new MainController());

$mainController->get('', 'index');
$mainController->get('doc', 'doc');


Now inside controllers I want to use the $app object. I have created a token property and a database connection for the $app and I want to use them inside my controller.

How should I access $app inside controller?

use Phalcon\Mvc\Micro;
use Phalcon\Mvc\Controller;
use Phalcon\Db\Adapter\Pdo\Mysql as MysqlAdapter;

class MainController  extends Controller{

    public function index()
        $content = '<h1>Welcome!</h1> token: '. $this->token ."<br>";

        return $this->response;

    public function doc()
        $content = '<h1>api-documentation!</h1>';

        return $this->response;


Hi @wmac why you don't use DI?


Hi and thanks. But in that example, we still need the $app in order to access its dependencies, right? Do I have access to $app Inside controllers?

edited Jan '18

Add $app to DI as app service. And then access it with $this->app in controller.