Using PHP Phalcon framework to run on Background

My problem might be very basic for you because I'm new to phalcon framework.

I'm building a web-based system were I want to upload an excel file into the server then perform a set of conditions and insert the result into my DB, but I want the excution to be done at the server meaning that user can close the browser but the the system should still process the file and while processing it should show the for the user a process bar. kindly advice

edited Apr '18

The topic you are looking for is queues. Redis, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk, Elastic are all memory queues with well maintained PHP libraries. You would have to push the job to the queue from the webserver PHP (fpm/cgi), then pick it up from a constatly running task (PHP cli).

But the caveat is, that you need control over your hosted server. In specific, you need shell access to the remote server. A shared VPS is most ideal for this.

This is the best way to do but you can simply execute a task in background.