Phalcon is no longer available via brew

To my bitter finding, phalcon is no longer available for installation/updates via brew, since the recent homebrew/php tap deprecation.

I wanted to ask, is there anything that can be done from the community side that can bring back phalcon to brew?

Well entire PHP support was deprecated by package maintainers? Phalcon is only a framework/lib for PHP. If you can't run PHP - that's the problem nr. 1 to solve.

Why don't you compile it yourself? Or use GNU/Linux in a VirtualBox or something as a dev server?

Hi Jonnathan, thanks for your reply. PHP was merged to homebrew/core so it is still normally available via brew. Only problem is that phalcon got axed along the way. Sure, compiling is always an option, but it is certainly not as much convenient as running brew update/upgrade commands. If just there were any way how to get phalcon back to brew repositories, it would be awesome.

Well, you need a maintainer for phalcon formula guys :)