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How to manage part of the layout who need some specific processing ?

Hi everybody,

I'm starting to use Phalcon and I'm faced to this issue :

My website's menu (displayed on every page), contains some information who need some specific processings (to check users rights, to display a number of messages stored in the database, ...).

In Symfony they used "component" which is like a small controller that you can call directly from a view.

Do you have any idea ?



Hi @mbois,

in Phalcon you can also use components and plugins. Here is an example on how INVO uses Phalcon\Mvc\User\Component:

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Thx for the answer !


Just to complete I prefered used partial to avoid HTML code mixed with PHP.


use Phalcon\Mvc\User\Component;

class LayoutElements extends Component {

  public function getMenu() {

    // preparing some stuff to display
    $list = array('...');

    return $this->view->partial('layouts/menu', array('list' => $list));

can u share what is your layouts/menu looks like?